America’s small businesses aren’t ready for a cyberattack

The Russian government was behind the attacks on the United States’ energy infrastructure.

Small businesses are no more worried about cyber attacks than they were last year. Business owners aren’t any more prepared to handle them if they do happen.

Cybersecurity is still the most important issue facing businesses today. Small business owners are more concerned about inflation than cyber threats. Supply chain disruptions and Covid 19 are less of a concern now compared to last year.

Cyber attacks are a serious concern for small businesses. Almost 4 out of 10 small business owners are worried about being hacked. No change in this trend over the last few years.

Small businesses are less likely to worry about cyber attacks than large ones. Only 33 percent of small businesses with 0-4 employees say they’re worried about being attacked by hackers. That compares with 61 percent of those with 50 or more employees. And only about half of small business owners think a cyber attack is a major concern. But

Cyber most small business owners do feel confident they’d be Small able to handle an attack.

Cyber disconnect between business owner Small and customer

Businesses should prepare themselves for cyber These attacks because consumers believe companies are unprepared. Banks, healthcare providers, and email providers are more likely to be prepared than social media companies.

businesses are very confident that they could handle a cyber attack. However, the arts, entertainment, or recreation industry is much less confident about their ability to fight off a cyber attack.

attacks are bad news for consumers, but the damage doesn’t stop there. Businesses lose customers when they get hacked.

businesses should install anti-virus software, strengthen passwords, back up data, enable automatic updates, and use VPNs.

are basic actions that most corporations should already be doing, but they’re not necessarily cheap. Companies that fail to take the security threat seriously risk losing customers or much more if a real threat emerges, so they need to do these things now.

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