PayPal shuttering its San Francisco office

PayPal is shutting down its office in San Francisco. This means that the company is moving away from the city.

Sources familiar with the internal matters stated that the workers who were posted in that office will now work virtually from the Paypal headquarters located at San Jose. However it is still unclear as to how many of these workers are impacted by this change. A spokesperson from Paypal stated how the company was devoted to determine as to how they could operate in ‘the most efficient and collaborative way possible.’ Moreover, they would specifically measure their global office footprint, spaces to ensure that the company, along together with employees are on the correct path. They added that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught the company about the different ways they could work ‘effectively,’ and provide flexibility to all of the workers. Paypal, they said, would stay entirely committed to the Bay area, and to California. Paypal would keep on hiring into, and invest their business and people working inside the state.

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