YC’s letter to founders Apple’s folding device and the DOJ’s new stance on hackers

. Image Credits: TechCrunch. Hi all! Welcome back to Week in review, our newsletter where we cover many of the top stories that hit TechCrunch over the past 7 days. The big thing that people were reading most was the details of a memo that YC sent out to its portfolio companies.

As the market continues to fall, Y Combinator is telling startups to start cutting costs, extending runway and getting to default alive. For those companies that were founded within the past five years, question what they think is the normal funding environment.

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Softbank has lost money on its investment fund because of bad decisions made by management.

Large cross over firms are pulling back on late stage investments. Venture Market has already shown some softening. Private market is showing signs of weakness. Public markets are getting beaten down by the recent drop in stock prices.

Falling market makes it hard to get money. Inflation, interest rates and geopolitical issues make it difficult to get money. Y Combinator’s warning will resonate in the startup community.

A letter warning founders about how bad things could get. Founders should start planning now to avoid being caught unprepared when the economy hits bottom.

This is an ominous postscript of the letter. It means that if you don’t agree with what I’m saying, then you’re probably going to be driving your company off a cliff soon.

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Apple is testing a foldable phone. This could mean that Apple is planning to release a foldable iPhone.

NHTSA is probing Tesla’s Autopilot system after a mannequin was killed when it crashed into a building. DOJ is re-evaluating how it looks at hacking instances.

I’m sorry, my blood simply boils.

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