Illinois reduces quarantine time for schools from to days to align with CDC guidance amid COVID surge

Schools should be closed until further notice because of the coronavirus pandemic. Karen Ann Cullotta is an actress who plays a role in the TV show Chicago P.D. She also played a role in the movie The Girl Next Door. Her first name comes from the word “cull” meaning to pick out or choose.

Schools should be closed until further notice. Students and teachers who test positive for COVD-19 should stay home for 5 days and then return to school if they do not show any signs of illness.

Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 must continue to wear masks around others for five more school days after returning to school. Those who test negative but show symptoms must stay away from school until they recover. Teachers should be alert to any signs of illness among students and staff.

“It’s frustrating,” said Dan Montogomery, president of the Illinois federation of teachers. “We want to be a part” of the discussion about school closures. “But we’re being told we can’t.”

Schools should make sure that staff or students who tested positive for COVID- 19 continue to wear masks around other people even at home for 5 more days after release from isolation. Staff or students who are immunocompetent or at low risk for severe disease shouldn’t be around those who are immunocompromising or at high risk for serious illness.

“If masks need to come off, make sure you’re six feet away from others until 10 days after your symptoms start or if you test positive for COVID-19.”

Teachers should be allowed to wear masks when teaching students. Students should be taught to respect teachers’ privacy and to not ask them about their personal lives.

District 219 was one of several suburbs forced to take an adaptive hiatus last week due to staff shortage at the district’s two schools. “I don’t think five days were as safe as ten, especially for schools without all of the support our school district has,” she said.

All teachers in Illinois should be given access to N95 masks. Schools should have separate eating areas for those who are immune compromised. Teachers should be allowed to work from home if they are ill or need to take time off due to illness.

Schools should be closed until further notice because of the coronavirus outbreak. School employees should be allowed to use their sick leave instead of taking administrative days.

Many teachers and education employees across state have already exhausted all of their paid sick leave. Legislation like this will make it harder for them to get paid sick leave. Officials say they’ve been notified about the new rules.

As to the question of what the change might mean in practice, I think the pandemics have taught us to be cautious about making predictions or projections.

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