The Incredible Power Of Friendship

Friendship is important. Digital devices can help you make friends but they can never replace face-to-face interaction.

Online relationships simply cannot replace real life connections. There’s something special and irreplaceably about being physically present with someone else. Close friendships boost your confidence and make you feel more connected to yourself. Your friends also help you feel more purposeful and belong to a group. You should try to spend time with your friends in person as often as possible.

Friends influence our lives. We tend to be influenced by those around us. When we see others doing well, we want to emulate them. When we see others struggling, we feel bad about ourselves.

People who surround themselves with positive people tend to be happier than those who surround themselves with negative people.

Aristotle was a great thinker who lived during the Ancient Greece Aristotle period. He wrote about ethics and philosophy. He said that people should do what is right People because it is right, not because someone else says you should or because you think it is right. People should follow their conscience and do what is right.

wrote that there Friendship are three different types of friendships: 1) Utility-based friendships, in which one party gains something Love by being friends with another. 2) Friendship based on Perfect pleasure, in which two people enjoy each other’s company. 3) Friendship based on virtue, in Aristotle’s which two people share a common goal and work together toward it.

who enjoy being together are friends. People who have similar interests are friends. People who share common values are friends.

is a great thing but sometimes you need to be careful about who you choose as your friend. You should spend time with people who are mature enough to understand what friendship means.

is based on utility and pleasure. When the reason for the friendship ends, the friendship ends. Physical presence is irreplaceable. No app can replace that.

friendships are built on mutual respect, trust and shared values. These friendships require work and time, but they are worth every minute spent. Great friendships are rare, but when you find them, they are amazing!

schema is very practical. You should ask yourself: In which category does my relationship fall? Is it OK to have some friendships mainly for utility and fun, but it’s important that I recognize that these fill a different role and are likely to have shorter lifespans than the ultimate kind of friend that I build up over time. These friends don’t come out of nowhere, and they require a lot of effort to maintain. But what you get out of them easily outweighs what you need to spend.

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